Cycling can be a dangerous hobby or sport if not everyone who participates practices cycling safety each time they ride. Learning how to prevent accidents from occurring while riding is one step in making your riding experience safe. You must also know the proper etiquette to follow so that you do not disrupt the flow of other cyclists or cause collisions with vehicles. You now have the luxury of using some of the latest gadgets to help you improve safety while cycling. Your smart phone and GPS unit can play big roles in protecting your family while out on a long ride on a cool summer evening. When you put all three of these safety measures into practice, you should experience very few safety risks as you ride. Inform those that you ride with about how to safely ride and what they can do to improve their safety as well as those who they ride with so they can also spread the word.

Cycling Etiquette

a few biking friends

Practising good cycling etiquette improves the quality of riding and safety on the roads. Being aware of the proper etiquette is the first step in practising it. What riding patterns should you follow? How do you communicate with drivers on the road? What do you need to do before heading out for a ride? Each of these questions are answered by learning the general cycling etiquette guidelines for recreational riding and racing.

Safety Gadgets

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New gadgets are constantly hitting the market to increase cycling safety. You no longer have to rely on your voice, hearing, and sight to cycle safely. You now have the option to use things like glasses with rear view mirrors, GPS tools for locating other riders, and electronic horns to alert drivers of your position. Learning of the new gadgets that have a huge impact on the safety of your cycling will benefit you.

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